Playlist: Winter 2017/18

As winter has turned finally to spring, I feel ready to make up for past deficiencies and post to my blog again. It’s been much too long without publishing anything, especially when it comes to my music updates, which were supposed to be monthly! To that end, I am writing this post to cover the new music I encountered from December to the end of February, then a new post for March and I can continue on monthly from there.

Winter music came to be defined by the discovery of a genre of electronic dance music (EDM) I consistently enjoy – Future House, a fantastic Youtube radio station playing future house 24/7 that became my soundtrack as I went, for a period, to the gym five days a week, and a Bach cantata thanks again to Radio 4’s Soul Music.

Without a doubt the headline act is the Future House Radio 24/7 Livestream. I can’t remember how many mindblowing tunes this channel has exposed me to. At least half of all the music in this post. Just turn it on and enjoy.

Future House Radio


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Playlist: October 2017

October featured two great future bass mixes and lots of Catalan music, as I tried to fully immerse myself in the culture before and during my short trip there. My top track comes courtesy of Youtube channel 7clouds, which I discovered thanks to Youtube recommending me this Pink Vibes mix. Just my kind of music!

7clouds – Pink Vibes – Future Bass Mix 2017

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Playlist: September 2017

September seemed to fly by and already we’re a third of the way through October. I didn’t listen to all that much new music last month and was extremely busy immersing myself in cryptocurrency markets and planning two upcoming trips abroad. I will be strongly endeavouring to post more often this autumn. I have countless drafts between 60 and 90% completed and just need the time and focus to get down to the task and finish them off. Anyway, on with the music, which includes as ever a number of trap and future bass tracks, and a couple of albums I’ve thoroughly enjoyed rediscovering.

Post Malone – Congratulations (PRMDS Remix)

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Playlist: August 2017

It was really difficult to decide on which song should have pride of place at the top of the post this month. I heard some absolutely fantastic tunes. In the end it had to be TrexytII’s Best of August future house mix, a 38 minute compilation which led me to discover at least three grade-A tracks.

TREXYTII – Mix #123 Best of August Future House

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Playlist: July 2017

This month, an 8 hour 24 minute work of classical music, yet more trap / melodic dubstep / future bass, and the rediscovery of some music I used to love.

Squired & Minit – Awake

This is the first release from this duo and they will definitely be an act to watch!

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