Dear Fat Face

How not to do customer service

In January I bought a pair of FatFace Chinos and I wore them for probably a couple of days each week until, in September, they  suddenly developed a huge tear in a seam. I took them with me to a local store and tried on their current range, finding a very similar pair which I was planning to buy. I enquired with the manager about refunding or replacing this obviously very faulty product, but was told flatly that all their clothes are only guaranteed for 6 months and there was nothing she could do to help me.

Are quality cotton chino trousers, with an RRP of £45, designed to last 6 months? Does anyone buy trousers with that lifespan in mind?

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Another summer lunchtime walk

After getting back to back punctures (arrghhhh!!!), my bike is waiting for a new tyre to arrive, so the only option for me to enjoy the sun at lunch is to walk. The upside of this is that I’ve got some new photos for my blog!

You can see in a couple of these the rapid pace of development all over Exeter’s eastern suburbs. While I’m sad to see the inexorable spread of concrete, steel and cement over our green hills, it’s still nothing against what is happening to China, and I would also like a house of my own to live in.

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A summer lunchtime walk

I’m fortunate enough to have an hour for lunch every day, and work at an office on the edge of Exeter. Although the local area is just one development project after another, in various stages of completion, for the moment, green fields and country lanes are just a stroll away.

When the weather’s this good, come midday I can’t wait to get out of the office, stretch my legs and compose a few photographs.

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Photos around a charity shop

Since January I’ve been volunteering at a local charity shop. Having now secured full time, paid employment, I’m winding down my hours and don’t know how much longer I’ll be there. The shop is a beautiful old building that used to be a local bookstore, and before that a post office, and as you’d expect is filled with trinkets and all manner of photogenic eccentricities. Queue some photos.

Huge white 'flower' chandelier in Hannahs charity shop, Newton Abbot


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Newton Abbot sky at night

Last night was the first clear evening for weeks, and a full moon to boot! I went up to the fields behind my home to try out the long exposure and bulb exposure modes on my camera for the first time. I discovered two things: a full moon is far too bright and I had no chance to capture the milky way, and I’d need about a 400mm equivalent lens to fill the frame with the moon. The shot I got was taken at my maximum 100mm equivalent zoom. It’s not bad, but still lacks any real detail.

Full moon shot at 100mm
Full moon.

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