House prices and rent controls

There have been two news stories in the past fortnight on the same subject, house prices, but it’s been framed in two different ways, for two different political ends. In this post I want to address the substance of both announcements, consider their utility, and address the white elephant they both show a determined effort to ignore.

Houses in Styal, Cheshire
Victorian worker’s homes in Styal

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Obama’s inappropriate remarks on Brexit

Barrack Obama is truly a frustrating character to me. In seemingly equal parts he appears to:

  • Be unwilling to do or say very much on important issues – such as black rights in America;
  • Say some deeply profound things and reveal the extent to which he’s been completely roadblocked in his ambitions – such as his 20,000 word interview in The Atlantic;
  • Rail against corporate interests and structural disadvantage – as in most of his campaign for the White House in 2008;
  • Support the very worst of American foreign policy – big business first asymmetric trade deals like ACTA, TPP, TTIP, and clandestine drone and assassination operations.

And so, just as I was beginning again to warm to this reflective, increasingly outspoken Obama in his last year in power I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to find myself confronted by his other side. His remarks about the British European Union referendum in June are completely inappropriate.

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