The country held hostage

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This government, since its election in May 2017, has had one defining mission – to negotiate a withdrawal agreement with the EU and ensure the United Kingdom leaves the European Union on March 29th 2019. Theresa May has promised that this will happen over a hundred times now.

While any government would be weakened by the inability to pass primary legislation, this government, above all others perhaps in our nation’s history, has single-mindedly pursued a single policy objective and barely concerned itself with any others. They got their deal, presented a Bill before the House, but can’t get it onto the law books. The government cannot achieve its one objective.

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Stop bickering and just get on with it

How do you listen to 100 episodes of a Brexit podcast hosted by BBC journalists and come away with the impression that the current impasse is the collective responsibility of all Members of Parliament?

This crisis, easily the greatest political crisis of my lifetime, is the responsibility of just one person – the Prime Minister Theresa May.

Both May's historic defeats overlayed on a picture on the House of Commons

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NPF: The Future of Work (2) – Modern Employment

This is part of a series of posts on UK policy. Find out more here.
Economy, Business & Trade Consultation document available at Scribd.
Statistics on the UK Economy available from the FT (free account required).

How has modern employment changed in recent years?

Conservative led governments since 2010 have faced a problem; they’ve been trying to reduce government spending against a backdrop of low private sector investment and aggregate demand. If they reduced spending they’d create unemployment, which they’d have to pay for through the social security system.

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NPF: The Future of Work (1) – The Economy

Economy, Business & Trade Consultation document available at Scribd.

What is your view of the current state of the economy and modern employment?

Before considering questions about the economy, I recommend viewing the Financial Times statistics page The UK economy at a glance (you’ll need to create an account but don’t need to pay a subscription fee to view them).

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The Labour Party National Policy Forum Consultation 2018

It should come as no surprise to readers that I’m a member of the UK Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn’s administration are very consciously trying to democratise decision making within the party and to that end have recently launched the National Policy Forum Consultation 2018.

The Labour NPF Consultation 2018 an amccoll blogging project

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The Hungry Empire

This post is just a quick recommendation to listen to an audiobook currently available on the BBC Radio iPlayer. It’s called The Hungry Empire, by British food historian Lizzie Collingham, and in five 15-minute episodes charts the history of the British Empire, from the 1500s to the 1960s through the lens of food. It turns out that the history of food in the Empire has some really important things to tell us about how ordinary life was lived in that period and how it has shaped much of our modern world.

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Different lives, different values

After opening the nation’s wallet to the tune of a billion pounds for the DUP, in their desperate attempt to cling to power, the Conservatives were feeling generous this week. It was reported on Tuesday that they’ve awarded the Queen a juicy 8% pay rise, increasing her taxpayers’ grant by a cool £6 million a year to £82.2 million.

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