Let’s stick with President Trump

General John Hyten, who is in charge of America’s nuclear arsenal, revealed on Saturday that he would not carry out a nuclear strike ordered by President Trump, if he thought it were illegal. As Huffington Post report, he would weigh up proportional response and unnecessary suffering when considering legality. Clearly this is fantastic news for the well-being of our planet and all our lives that depend on it. It should also influence anyone planning for the removal of Trump as US President.

My advice; keep him around, he’s the lesser of two evils.

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Stealing independence

It’s Independence Day in America. The declaration on this day, July 4th, in 1776 was the culmination of many decades of becoming a distinct nation, apart from and opposed to the British crown. But how did the America of 1776, this brand new nation out of nothing, come to be, and how did those 13 precarious colonies turn into the continental superpower of today?

In this post I’m going to look at just one specific facet of the development of the United States of America, and it’s relevance to us all and the unjust capitalist system we endure.

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Legitimate criticism of Trump

Bercow champion of the commons

John Bercow, champion of the commons! Citing opposition to racism and sexism, support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary he announced that he would not invite Trump to address Parliament if the proposed state visit does indeed take place.

Predictably, headlines began to pour in slamming the short speech as outrageous, an attempt to silence the president, a breach of speaker impartiality, unjustifiable and hypocritical.
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This new age

I studied politics at university from 2010 to 2013. It was a period of global economic recession and non-recovery. It was a time in which Obama reigned in the worst excesses of Bush and Blair’s War on Terror but at a fundamental level failed to end (an unsympathetic commentator would say actively continued) the very same clandestine, extrajudicial foreign policy methods. Neoliberal austerity punished the people for the disastrous consequences of under-regulated, free-as-a-bird capitalism.

The dominant ideology of politicians, policymakers and their institutions – domestic and international – was liberalism. The cutting edge of international relations (and all interesting political philosophy) was all critical theory and post-structuralism. Pushing back against the narrative of the ’90s that the West had won. Highlighting the institutional violence and injustice in the assumptions and policies of universalist liberalism.
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Should the left compromise?

These unsettling times. Nigel Farage is back on the radio, and the TV, and in the papers, telling us that “too many members of this government said too many nasty things about the President-elect” and “a lot of members of Trump’s inner circle are pretty unhappy”. Boris Johnson has joined in, and while in May he was “genuinely worried that he (Trump) could become president“, he is now ordering us to end our “collective whinge-o-rama“. Marine Le Pen, who even UKIP condemn, was invited onto the Andrew Marr show to explain the future she sees forming.

Forces aligned against everything we once stood for assemble before us. From all quarters those on the left are being urged to take 2016 as a sign that they are excessively progressive, have alienated the majority, and must discard their values.

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Trump is a Fascist

Hitler was democratically elected. Mussolini was democratically elected. Whilst there’s no use in becoming hysterical about the result of the 2016 US Presidential Election, it is important to identify Donald Trump for what he is. A fascist demagogue.

There will come times when we will want to explain away the danger of his actions by talking about democracy, checks and balances or term limits. Appeasement is fuel for fascists. They only respect strength and can only ever be defeated – they will never willingly step back from the confrontation. There will come times when the people of America, if they value their republic, and the people of the world, if they value their lives, will have to stand up to Trump.

The following article is one I was planning on writing, but Matthew Gault of War is Boring has already done it so much better than I could have. Read and remember.

Yes, Trump Is a Fascist – Here’s The Checklist


An incoherent article about an incoherent election

It’s Tuesday November 8th 2016. I guess I’d better write something about Donald Trump. To be specific, I’d better publish something about Donald Trump and this presidential election. I’ve written plenty, read, researched, mulled and even put money on Hilary to win (what good will the money be if Trump wins anyway?)

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