You want a debate now?!

Is no-one going to call out Theresa May for now seeking a one-on-one TV debate with Corbyn over her crappy Brexit deal?

When May called the general election in 2017 – where the paramount two things people vote on are leaders and their manifesto policies – she refused to debate on TV. At that time, that short month which the public have to judge and choose their government and political representatives for the next five years, May intentionally avoided public interrogation and oversight. In the event she insisted Amber Rudd go instead, whose father had passed away just 2 days earlier.

Now, when the decision is for Parliament, to judge her on her government’s competency and the deal she has had two years to negotiate, and the wisdom and deceit of the Brexit referendum. When her Conservative government and party have lost all credibility and discipline and she is completely reliant on Labour MPs to pass her deal, since she’s lost the support of even her own ministers. Now she wants a TV debate where she can win a quick point with the public as it all becomes Jeremy Corbyn’s fault.

If the deal has any merits (and she must believe it has some, else she would surely resign) she should be in Parliament daily, engaging with the nation’s representatives in a clear, evidence-based debate on the future of this country, in order to convince enough of them, the ones whose job it is to assess and vote on it, as our elected representatives, to pass it through the House!

Some people have no shame.

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