The Labour Party National Policy Forum Consultation 2018

It should come as no surprise to readers that I’m a member of the UK Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn’s administration are very consciously trying to democratise decision making within the party and to that end have recently launched the National Policy Forum Consultation 2018.

The Labour NPF Consultation 2018 an amccoll blogging project

Eight consultation documents have been released, each focused on an area of government policy, containing very brief primers of how the leadership conceive of present challenges and their basic assumptions, followed by lists of questions. The idea is that party members, local constituency parties and affiliated groups will use the questions as jumping off points to discuss and then share their ideas with party policy makers.

Over the eight areas of policy there are a total of 86 questions, and conveniently there’s 86 days between today and the final date for submission – June 24th. The online submission form allows for up to 600 words.

I’m going to use this framework to embark on my most ambitious blogging project to date; provide my rough policy ideas on all eight topics and 86 questions. Some will probably require the full 600 words to answer, but I anticipate that others can be grouped together into single posts.

Expect posts every 2-3 days.


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