Walk along Dawlish seafront

A grey and windy day.

Colourful seafront houses

Great Western train at Dawlish


Crosscountry train at Dawlish


Sign saying: "No cycling. This is the coastal walk path"


Two women walk along the beach into the wind


Pigeon perched in a wall


Close up of the head of a common pigeon


A black swan at Dawlish

Pictures taken with a Canon Powershot G7X Mark II. Edits made in Lightroom 6 and Photoshop 2017.

Finally (hopefully!) sorted the colour management on my desktop and so the┬ácolours in these should be┬ámore vibrant and won’t have any kind of bluish tinge. Previous uploads have not looked as good as they did while I was editing them.

One thought on “Walk along Dawlish seafront”

  1. Hi Al love the photos, the Pigeon and big black bird (swan?!) are beautiful. Looks as cold and windy as up north, but lacking the icy rain . . . We are so lucky living up north . . .

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