Playlist: September 2017

September seemed to fly by and already we’re a third of the way through October. I didn’t listen to all that much new music last month and was extremely busy immersing myself in cryptocurrency markets and planning two upcoming trips abroad. I will be strongly endeavouring to post more often this autumn. I have countless drafts between 60 and 90% completed and just need the time and focus to get down to the task and finish them off. Anyway, on with the music, which includes as ever a number of trap and future bass tracks, and a couple of albums I’ve thoroughly enjoyed rediscovering.

Post Malone – Congratulations (PRMDS Remix)


Prismo – Senses


Prismo – Weakness

Two songs by the same artist (Prismo) in one month? I guess I just found a new favourite to add to the list!


MAX – 10 Victoria’s Secret Models

This is a very rare case of a song I first discovered as a remix, and then tried and preferred the original.


T-Mass x WOLFE – Say Please (feat. Emma Sameth)


Blackbear feat. Danny Olson – “Sniffing Vicodin In Paris (Danny Olson Remix)

The lyrics of this are pretty whacky but my word the way the beat builds up and up to rewarding drop, and then just keeps giving.

Listening again

Saves the Day – Remember

I’ve chosen this studio recording to showcase Saves the Day as it’s full of their all-encompassing, energetic sound, but I think every one of their album’s is fantastic. If you want to know whether you’ll like them, listen to Daybreak, the 11 minute title track off their 2011 album of the same name. Through five acts it showcases their whole array of talents and iconic layered pop/punk/alternative rock/emo sound.


Will Joseph Cook – Sweet Dreamer

I actually downloaded this debut album soon after its release in April but didn’t listen to it all that much. This month I’ve had it on loads and got really into the fresh, optimistic sound.

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