Playlist: July 2017

This month, an 8 hour 24 minute work of classical music, yet more trap / melodic dubstep / future bass, and the rediscovery of some music I used to love.

Squired & Minit – Awake

This is the first release from this duo and they will definitely be an act to watch!


Zero Venture – Poison (ft. Katie Betters) (Sound Surfer Remix)


Cashmere Cat – Adore (ft. Ariana Grande)

Lyrics: 0/10 Bass: 11/10


The Chainsmokers & Halsey – Closer (Justin Caruso Remix)

This is a little bit of an old one that I’m sure I’ve heard before, but just didn’t know whose remix it was.


Louis Tomlinson & Bebe Rexha – Back to You (Souldyer Trap Remix)

In contrast, the original song and this remix are only a little over a week old. This is the best remix I’ve heard of Back to You so far (the original is far too likely to make it inside the top40 to include!) but expect an even better one to appear in August.

Canti – ashes

It’s always refreshing to hear an artist incorporate ‘found sound’ that goes beyond the usual deep philosophical lecture that prefaces some electronic tracks. The samples in Canti, from the relatively unknown Japanese anime series FLCL, are perfectly joyful and irreverent.


Max Richter – Sleep (album)

Early in the month, I took the coach to London, a four and half hour overnight journey. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep without drowning out the miscellaneous ambient noises somehow, but what if my music kept me awake? Enter Max Richter and his eight hour twenty-four minute work; sleep. The whole piece lasts as long as the recommended average slumber, and you’re supposed to nod off to it. I did, so I suppose I can count it a successful work.

Richter’s stated aim: “Sleeping is one of the most important things we all do … We spend a third of our lives asleep and it’s always been one of my favourite things, ever since I was a child. … For me, Sleep is an attempt to see how that space when your conscious mind is on holiday can be a place for music to live.”


I discover most of my new music these days through subscriptions to Youtube channels; both those that showcase a new song each day and those that release periodic mixes of the best new music in a particular genre. But I still have a ~90GB library of music that I’ve been collecting since my first mp3 player back in 2003. Every so often I’ll browse through and listen to an old song or album I haven’t heard in years, and I’ll remember instantly why I once listened to it daily.

Senses Fail – Headed West (from The Fire album)

I once saw Senses Fail live in Bristol, touring to promote their recently released album The Fire, but if memory serves me correctly the band I had really wanted to see was their support act, Man Overboard. Both played awesome sets on a tiny stage with only a couple of hundred of us moshing to them. I’ve chosen Headed West here, as I think it best showcases the high-energy, melodic, angry-but-not-screaming style of post-hardcore common throughout Senses Fail’s work.


Taking Back Sunday – Sleep

TBS are almost the epitome of an ’emo’ band (a pretty contested genre). I found their music very therapeutic when I was a teenager, but never encountered Sleep, as it was a b-side, unreleased until later. As in many of their best songs, there are heavily layered vocals. I’m personally not listening to the lyrics themselves, but rather have a more gut level response to whole syncopation. It’s in the same way that I wouldn’t approach a Picaso with the aim of ‘figuring out’ what the jumbled shapes originally were, or what they represent. The piece of art as a whole either moves me and provokes an emotional/spirtual response, or doesn’t.


Bebe Rexha – I Cant Stop Drinking About You (Culture Code Remix)

This one’s from 2014, and distinctly shows my slow gravitation towards more electronic music, while maintaining an appreciation for melody, manipulations of tempo and emotional hooks. I rediscovered this sorting through notes made on my previous phone (yes I keep everything!)

You may notice that this is second track this month featuring Bebe Rexha. Her voice and songs are just made to remixed!

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