Photos around a charity shop

Since January I’ve been volunteering at a local charity shop. Having now secured full time, paid employment, I’m winding down my hours and don’t know how much longer I’ll be there. The shop is a beautiful old building that used to be a local bookstore, and before that a post office, and as you’d expect is filled with trinkets and all manner of photogenic eccentricities. Queue some photos.

Huge white 'flower' chandelier in Hannahs charity shop, Newton Abbot


Close portrait of a traditional teddy bear


Close shot of a metal toy red London bus


Hannahs duck mascot with colourful blackboard behind


Flowers drawn onto a large blackboard


A bookcase stuffed with books, hard angles and lines


A close up on the spines of books showing depth of field


A miniature plastic folding screen where earrings are displayed


Macro shot of a pair of fish earrings creating a sense that they are fish underwater


Pictures taken with a Canon Powershot G7X Mark II. Edits made in Lightroom 6. The charity shop is a surprisingly poorly lit place, so there are some high ISO noise issues that I haven’t been able to fully deal with.

One thought on “Photos around a charity shop”

  1. Love the photographs Al, you are very talented. Glad to hear new job going well, impressed you are still volunteering.

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