The ‘natural’ limits to human society

Throughout history, societies have readily accepted that there are naturally prescribed limits on their form and function. Our present age is no different, and so we might ask, are ours any more true? If they aren’t, does their preservation as ‘natural rules’ – enforced by actual rules and laws – serve any social function, or simply limit human opportunity?

  • The extended family is the natural social unit.
  • Natural disasters are unavoidable punishments from God.
  • The human body is regulated by four humours.
  • Population can never be sustained above the present level.
  • Everyone is right-handed, some just have less dexterity.
  • Pure royal bloodlines ensure wise leadership from healthy rulers.
  • The local manor is the natural social unit.
  • Some men are by nature free, and others slaves.
  • Some races are intellectually/culturally superior to others.
  • Masturbation causes illness and even madness.
  • Women are emotional, irrational and sensitive.
  • Men are detached, intellectual and dominant.
  • The nation-state is the natural social unit.
  • Some races are weakening the gene pool of the human species.
  • Humans only act for their own self-preservation and self-interest.
  • Everyone is naturally a heterosexual.
  • The normal intimate social relationship is between one heterosexual man and one heterosexual woman.
  • Everyone is one of two genders, which they were born as.
  • Boys and girls are born with preferences based on their gender.
  • People will only do socially useful work if incentivised by external pressures like fear of destitution or hope of great riches.
  • Sexuality is a fixed identity, not something you choose.
  • Helping others encourages them to need help.
  • Humans are lifetime monogamous creatures.
  • And how many others?

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