I imagine an interview, in the future, I am old

We sit in a dark room.

Interview in shadow

What were you doing on the 29th of March 2017?

Well I went to work as usual, had last night’s pasta again for lunch. It was a grey day, little bit of rain. Fairly busy morning.

And did people realise the importance of what happened on that day?

I listened to the news in the morning, but had to turn it off, it was too depressing. I knew it was bad, but, well they had a word for us back then you know, Remoaners. They had a word. And you can’t just say the same thing to brick wall every day can you?

What abo–

That’s democracy isn’t it? Tyranny of the majority. That’s what they were saying. No, isn’t it defence against the tyranny of the majority? Well they were the majority, so that’s what should happen, that’s what it was. So, yeah…

And the declaration in America?

Yeah, felt quite surreal about that, but it was mostly just a continuation of the same low, powerless state. Maybe that’s what happened, they wore us down. Yeah. By that point it was like, just another day in 2017.

But that was the momen–

People say that now. They say, that was the day. But I remember a couple of days before that reading about some new discovery of oil in Lancashire. So many billions of barrels. And it was like this great find, and at that point I just thought, oh. If it’s still being reported as a great find, well we’re already fucked aren’t we? So then the news later, the signing, that wasn’t really a surprise to me.

What about the wars to come, our archives show that Russian and Chinese power was often a topic in the news. Didn’t you see them coming?

All over the news, yep, but I think there were two problems. One, that was the time of fake news. Anything you didn’t like was fake new–

Even if it had sources to support it?

–That was the other problem, with Russia anyway, apparently all the evidence was top secret, apparently it was all there but top secret. So the only people with any power who saw it were the same politicians who got us there. So, it was always just fake news, honestly.

What about the classic indicators – economic depression, high levels of inequality, multipolar–

There’d been a terrorist attack a week earlier, right outside the Houses of Parliament. We were all very focused on that.

Oh yes, a crazy guy ran people over… but just five died, right?

Yes, that seemed like a lot then, or a big deal, or both, and most people thought that Islamic Terrorism was the biggest threat. That seemed like a lot. It was important.

I’m afraid we’re running out of time, do you have any final words?


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  1. Sometimes, when it’s quiet and I am perhaps lying in bed or drinking some tea, the weight of what is happening in the world starts to hit me. It just still seems inconceivable that this is what the world has come to (Trump, Brexit, IS etc). We feel so sheltered down in Devon but it’s a reality that is right on our doorstep. They will one day look back and say this was the time when the crazy became normal – the great age of misinformation it seems. The ease of access to information is making people stupider rather than smarter.

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