Hound Tor – Haytor walk

Two months ago, in January, I accompanied my mum on a Dartmoor walk, and naturally snapped some photographs.

Petrified tree


Ice window
encasing the top of this long abandoned trough was a thick window pane of ice.




Hike into the unforgiving wilderness
I’ve processed this for a deliberate inhospitable, early colour film look – it was actually quite a pleasant day!


Tramlines which run all the way down to Newton Abbot Quay.


Abandoned granite mine
A now long abandoned granite mine.


Thick shard of ice
Thick thick ice blanketed the small lake here.


Haytor rocks.


Raven begins flight with mountainous background


Raven in flight with mountainous background


Low gear 20% decline sign


Gorse in flower


Chinkwell Tor
Chinkwell Tor – Personified


Dartmoor landscape


Mossy stone wall


Beech trees growing atop stone wall


Very mossy, green stone wall


Moss on a stick
Roman toilet paper


Smoke drifts across to Hound Tor


Hound Tor at Sunset
Hound Tor at Sunset

Pictures taken with a Canon Powershot G7X Mark II. Edits made in Lightroom 6 and Photoshop 2017.

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