Playlist: August 2017

It was really difficult to decide on which song should have pride of place at the top of the post this month. I heard some absolutely fantastic tunes. In the end it had to be TrexytII’s Best of August future house mix, a 38 minute compilation which led me to discover at least three grade-A tracks.

TREXYTII – Mix #123 Best of August Future House

TrexytII are a duo of young DJs that I’ve been subscribed to for at least the last couple of years. They produce mixes every week or so themed by electronic dance music sub-genre, showcasing the best new songs. I’m a huge fan of their liquid dubstep, future house and future trap mixes, but it seems like no-one else is, as their average viewership each video is in the low hundreds. It’s a travesty!


ARMNHMR & ASHR – WANT U Ft. Lilianna Wilde

I discovered this song right at the start of the month and if TREXYTII hadn’t released a mix towards the end, it definitely would have made top spot. I hadn’t heard of Lilianna Wilde before, but I’ll now be following every song she’s involved with.


The Him & Sorana – Oasis

Most of the music is EDM (electronic dance music) this month, as pretty much my sole exposure to new music has been listening to Youtube radio and playlists while in the gym after work.



Released May 2016. I don’t know how I didn’t hear about this until now.


BVRNOUT & KROMATIKS – Follow Your Heart (feat. Cadence Ludden)

The upside of listening so regularly to EDM streams is that I discovered tons of new songs this month.


WRLD & SMLE – Stranded (ft. Kiddo AI)

But the question is, which came first – does having an artist name that’s all caps with vowels selectively removed lead to great music, or is it the fashion for great musicians to adopt this artist naming style?


PineHaven – Tell Me (feat. Lilianna Wilde)

After hearing Lilianna Wilde in WANT U (featured above), I had to hunt down any and all previous releases. She only has a handful, which are great songs, but this is the standout track in my opinion. The perfect chill vibe.


Grant – Constellations (feat. Jessi Mason)

This is the second time Grant’s made it into a monthly playlist. He is really making music full of emotion and using a variety of music devices to express it.


Pegboard Nerds & Spyker – Extraordinary (feat. Elizaveta)

I used to listen to a lot of Monstercat, but found that overall the label was 90% very discordant avant-garde EDM tracks and less than 10% melodic progressive house and trap. Pegboard Nerds (in my opinion) could always find a way to ruin a perfectly good song, but not Extraordinary, so many thanks for Spyker and Elizaveta for keeping them on the straight and narrow to produce this stonking tune.


Good Charlotte – Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

On Friday evening I was stuck on the motorway just behind a pretty serious accident for an hour and half. Fortunately I had my housemate alongside me sharing the pain, and together we went on a nostalgic journey through the music of our youth. The song above is from Good Charlotte’s second album, The Young and the Hopeless, which was released in 2002, just as I was becoming a jaded, rebellious teen.

For discovering music on Youtube I recommend two utilities:

The first is a modified Youtube APK for your Android phone (you do use Android, right?) which will keep Youtube videos playing even if you turn your screen off. This will save you a ton of battery and pocket clicks. It’s available from this thread at xda-developers forums. You will need some advanced knowledge of Android phones to install it, and ideally root, but a non-root version does exist (untested by me).

The second is a website or method for downloading from Youtube, because it’s not uncommon for remixes and even releases to come without a download link. Few of us have unlimited mobile data, and who knows how long they’ll stay up. I had been using a Firefox extension called DownThemAll, But it’s a pain, and doesn’t always recognise a Youtube video on a page, so I recently switched to using the website So far it’s been fast, offers 192kpbs and auto-tags the mp3 files with reasonable accuracy.

Share any other recommendations you have with me in the comments section below!

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