A spring day in Exeter

Some more photos of spring springing, this time in the nearby city of Exeter. The sky remained overcast the whole day, and I only had time to snap between meeting a friend for lunch, interviewing with a recruitment agency and catching the train home. Anyway, the city is full of subjects to shoot.

War memorial defaced


Mural of a woman's face cut from brick


Behind Exeter Cathedral


Burnet Patch Bridge


Flowering Crocuses


Flowering Daffodils


Exeter Sacred Heart Church


Exeter St. David's Church Silhouette


Exeter St. David's Church B&W

If you ever see a modern (i.e. digital) photo in black and white, don’t just assume the photographer was aiming for that specific effect. In my experience, most of the time black and white is just a really useful way to improve well composed but poorly lit photos!

Once again, all shot with a Canon Powershot G7X Mark II with edits made in Lightroom 6 and Photoshop 2017.

Update March 2017: I have re-exported and re-uploaded the images for more colour accuracy and saturation.

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